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Common Types of Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than cars because they lack the protection of a car’s steel body, crumple zones, and airbags. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported 4,985 motorcyclist fatalities from crashes in 2018. Those who do survive often suffer substantial injuries that take years to recover from. Below are some common types of motorcycle crashes along with tips to avoid them. A Driver make a Left Turn In Front of You Intersections are particularly dangerous for motorcycles because a driver may glance up, not see another car approaching and begin making a turn while you are also progressing through the...

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Are Motorcycle Helmets Mandatory in Florida?

While your driver’s license is enough to operate a vehicle in any state, motorcycle regulations vary depending on where in the United States you are driving. Particularly, each state has its own rules for helmets. Before deciding whether or not to wear a helmet on your next ride down the coast, it is important to understand what the potential consequences will be of leaving it at home. If another driver causes you to crash and suffer injuries, your decision could impact the compensation you receive from a personal injury claim. Florida’s Helmet Law  Florida Statute 316.211 states that helmets are mandatory unless...

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Rear-End Motorcycle Accidents

A rear-end crash between a car and a motorcycle can be a lot more severe than one consisting of two cars. Rear-end accidents with two cars are usually at low speeds and only minor damage occurs. The main difference between car rear-end accidents and a car hitting a motorcycle from behind, has to do with the bikers bearing little to no protection. Forceful collisions from the rear give the bikers no opportunity to make ready or prevent the crash. Rear-end motorcycle accidents are one of the deadliest types, because they can result in the rider being thrown from his or her...

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Blind-Spot Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle crashes commonly result in catastrophic injuries and in the most severe cases even death for riders. Motorcycle accidents involving the blind spots of other vehicles are one of the most frequently occurring types. When bikers ride in other the blind spots of other vehicles, it can be difficult for the driver to notice the biker. Unfortunately, too many motorcycle crashes happen from drivers forgetting to look in their blind spots. Methods to Identify Blind Spots Although most motorcycles do not have any blind spots, a majority of other vehicles have at least several blind spots. Tractor-trailers and other large trucks have numerous...

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