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Ocala Car Accident Expert Witness

An expert witness is an individual that an attorney retains to testify regarding a disputed issue. Experts may be used to testify about the plaintiff’s medical condition or about the defendant’s liability for an accident. A person becomes an expert witness based on their credentials. The court will look at the expert’s education and experienced within a particular field or area. If you have suffered an injury in a car wreck, you may want to contact an accomplished lawyer who is experienced working with expert witnesses in Ocala car accident cases.

Type of Expert Witnesses an Attorney Uses

There are many types of expert witnesses for a car accident that the plaintiff’s attorney may use. An attorney may retain an accident reconstruction expert to testify about the cause of an accident and the defendant’s liability for an accident. The lawyer may also have medical experts to testify about the plaintiff’s injuries and the cause of those injuries. An economist could be brought in to talk about the economic impact the car collision has had on the injured individual.

Expert Witnesses Impact on the Case

A lawyer may suggest using an expert witness during the trial to testify regarding the defendant’s fault or the plaintiff’s injuries and the cause of those injuries. An expert may also help establish the plaintiff’s damages both in the past and in the future. An expert witness can give credibility to the plaintiff’s claims and greatly enhance their case, especially when there is a dispute with regards to liability or the plaintiff’s injuries and damages. However, the weight of an expert witness’ testimony may vary from case-to-case, depending upon the expert’s credentials and testimony.

For example, if the plaintiff’s expert and the defendant’s expert disagree regarding the plaintiff’s injuries and the cause of those injuries, a jury will likely look at the expert’s experience and education, whether there is a relationship with the party or their attorney, and the amount of time the expert put into the case.

Why Someone may not Want an Expert Witness

There are situations when a person may not want some expert witnesses in Ocala car accident cases. A plaintiff may not want an expert witness if there is an issue is uncontested or if there is sufficient testimony from lay witnesses or the by the plaintiff’s treating physicians. These type of situations could potentially harm the plaintiff’s chances of recovering damages.

How an Ocala Car Accident Lawyer Could Help

Expert witnesses in Ocala car accident cases can possibly make or break a case for a plaintiff. This is why it is essential for someone injured in a car accident to contact an experienced lawyer. A well-established personal injury lawyer could help your case by hiring expert witnesses that could tell your story. It is essential for the jury to understand the extent of the wreck and your injuries. When you have been hurt in a wreck that was not your fault, it is only fair that you are able to receive the compensation you deserve. Call an attorney today to schedule a consultation to learn how attorneys and expert witnesses could assist you.

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