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The Villages Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer

Every year, thousands of Floridians are involved in car accidents, many of which involve circumstances where the injured driver is hit from behind by another driver. This type of accident could cause severe disruptions to your physical and financial circumstances, but a Villages rear-end car accident lawyer could help you pursue compensation for any damages arising from such an incident. Call an experienced attorney today to schedule a consultation.

Rear-End Accidents in The Villages

As most states do, Florida law recognizes a presumption that the driver who rear-ends a vehicle in front is presumed to be primarily responsible for the accident. However, this presumption can be overcome if it can be shown that the driver in front was at fault, as established in Charron v. Birge, 37 So. 3d 292 (2010). Many rear-end car collisions are caused by distracted driving due to the other driver texting while driving. A rear-end car wreck attorney in The Villages could assist a claimant in determining the likelihood that the other driver will be found at fault in their case.

No-Fault Car Accident Cases in The Villages

Insurance and accident law in The Villages differs from that of many other areas of the country. The state of Florida codifies a no-fault liability rule for auto accidents in Florida Statutes §627.7407, which requires that an injured party seek compensation under the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) part of their insurance policy. Additionally, every driver in Florida is required under law to maintain a minimum of $10,000 in PIP coverage.

It should be noted, though, that there are certain exceptions to the PIP law. If medical expenses exceed the policyholder’s coverage or if someone else’s negligence causes severe and permanent injury to a claimant, an injured individual may be able to seek compensation for the injuries sustained from another party.

Comparative Negligence

If a claim falls outside of the PIP limitations, it often benefits the plaintiff in a rear-end accident lawsuit to identify the likely allocation of fault between the drivers involved in the crash. Courts in The Villages employ a pure comparative negligence scheme to liability cases, which allocates damages based on the percentage of fault attributable to each party.

This means that if a claimant’s damages are $200,000, and the claimant is 20 percent at fault, the most they could recover is $160,000, or 80 percent of their total loss. A Villages rear-end car accident attorney may be able to provide a realistic assessment of the likely allocation of fault in an individual’s case.

Possible Results of a Successful Claim

If an injured person’s accident claim falls outside the no-fault limitations, they may be entitled to compensation for their losses resulting from an accident, including but not limited to restitution for:

  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses
  • Lost wages or other financial losses
  • Lost quality of life associated with permanent and severe injuries
  • General pain and suffering

In most cases, Florida allows an injured claimant four years to bring suit after an accident. While there may be limited exceptions, the important point is that someone involved in an accident should not sit on their rights to pursue financial recovery, lest they potentially lose them.

Get in Touch with a Villages Rear-End Car Accident Attorney For Help

No one ever wishes to be in a car accident, and such accidents often have far-reaching effects on people’s lives. That being said, one way to help ensure that your rights are protected after an accident could be to contact a Villages rear-end car accident lawyer. An attorney could assist you in navigating the often-tricky world of accident law and insurance companies, so call Glover Law Firm today to see what one could do for you.

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