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Types of Abuse in The Villages Nursing Homes

There are various types of abuse in The Villages nursing homes that occur. Unfortunately, the residents in these facilities are much more vulnerable due to their frail health and the controlled nature of their lives.

Unscrupulous workers or facility managers may take advantage of residents to make their jobs easier or even out of cruelty. Any type of abuse, whether it is the result of intentional acts or negligence, is illegal under the law.

A capable and compassionate nursing home abuse lawyer could help residents and their families fight back against abuse in nursing homes. An attorney could accomplish this by both reporting them to the state and by pursuing damages in civil lawsuits.

How Abuse Can Result from Neglect

The most common cause of abuse in nursing homes is neglect on the part of the staff. This means that the staff did not intend for any harm to come to the resident. Still, an injury did occur and the facility must be responsible. This neglect can take on many forms. Some common examples include:

  • Not taking care to prevent accidents from spills
  • Not turning residents often enough while in bed to prevent bed sores
  • Not helping residents exercise in an appropriate manner
  • Not allowing residents to socialize

Any of these actions should be immediately reported to the head nurse or administrator of the facility. It may be the case that the situation is fixable with an employee reprimand. However, when a complaint does not fix the issue, a resident or their family may file a claim.

The Villages maintains an agency dedicated to the investigation and resolution of allegations of elder abuse. This agency may investigate claims of neglect and perform their own investigation. This could also serve to stop the neglect. But for someone to collect compensation for any injury, they must file a civil lawsuit on their own accord.

What if the Abuse is Intentional?

On occasion, a resident suffers an injury due to an intentional act committed by a member of a nursing home’s staff. While all facilities must fully screen their employees, some people may slip through the cracks. When intentional abuse takes place, the abuser may face criminal charges. This may also expose the facility to civil liability for which a resident may demand compensation.

Intentional abuse can take on a number of forms. Types of abuse in The Villages nursing homes include slapping or using inappropriate physical reprimands, yelling at or teasing a resident, depriving a resident of food or water, or committing sexual assault.

Any resident who experienced this abuse should immediately contact the police. All these actions constitute a violation of the nursing home bill of rights and may be punishable by criminal charges.

Working With a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in The Villages

All types of abuse in The Villages nursing homes are unacceptable. It does not matter if the abuse was due to neglect or is the result of an intentional act; people should not have to endure this treatment.

A nursing home abuse attorney in The Villages is dedicated to investigating allegations of nursing home abuse and fighting for the rights of individuals to live out their golden years in comfort and safety. Contact a lawyer today to see how they could work with you to end abuse and get the compensation that you deserve.

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