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Slip and Fall Outside of Premises

Falls keep hospital Emergency Rooms (ERs) busy year round here in Florida and across the country. Falls account for over eight million ER visits annually and comprise 22 percent of all ER visits, while slip and falls result in over one million ER visits each year, according to the National Floor Safety Institute. Injuries range from lacerations, whiplash, contusions, traumatic brain injury, broken hips, back injuries, spinal cord injuries, and even death. While most falls end up only bruising younger, healthy people, they are often fatal for elderly victims, according to the CDC. Moreover, five percent of people who suffer...

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Stair and Ramp Slip and Falls

Trip and falls can happen anywhere, and can cause serious injuries to even the most physically fit victims. Even same level-falls—falls to the same floor level—can result in torn ligaments, brain injuries, and broken bones. Multi-level falls, such as falls on a ramp or set of stairs or steps, are usually even worse due to the increased distance to the ground and multiple impacts. Over one million Americans are injured on stairs every year according to Reuters, and people of all age ranges end up being victims. How Stairway and Ramp Falls Happen Many falls that occur on stairs and ramps are...

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