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Slip and Fall Outside of Premises

Falls keep hospital Emergency Rooms (ERs) busy year round here in Florida and across the country. Falls account for over eight million ER visits annually and comprise 22 percent of all ER visits, while slip and falls result in over one million ER visits each year, according to the National Floor Safety Institute. Injuries range from lacerations, whiplash, contusions, traumatic brain injury, broken hips, back injuries, spinal cord injuries, and even death. While most falls end up only bruising younger, healthy people, they are often fatal for elderly victims, according to the CDC. Moreover, five percent of people who suffer a slip and fall fracture a bone—the most common injury from a fall—which is a relatively large overall number when accounting for how many falls there are each year. Many of these falls are the fault of no one in particular other than gravity and friction playing a cruel trick. Other times, someone is certainly to blame. Falls that take place within a premises such as someone’s home or a restaurant, and are a result of negligence, are clearly the fault of that property owner. But what about falls that happen outdoors?

Falls Outside of Private Residential Homes

Injuries from falls that occur on the driveway, front steps, porch, or landscaping of a home are the responsibility of the homeowner, or potentially the Homeowners Association (HOA) of a condominium complex. Homeowners have a duty to maintain exterior walking areas, such as driveways, steps, and paths to the front door. This means repairing broken steps, fixing cracks, and ensuring that ramps and stairs have handrails. As long as you were an invitee of the homeowner, you have the right to file a personal injury claim against them to recover the damages that have been caused to you. In terms of falls on sidewalks, that may be the responsibility of the homeowner, HOA, or the city to maintain. A lawyer can deter who is liable in such cases.

Falls Outside of Apartment Complexes

Slip and falls outside of apartment complexes, including in stairwells and in parking lots, are the responsibility of the apartment complex owner or management company. Residents, guests, and other invitees who suffer serious injuries caused on apartment complex property, excluding the interior of an apartment, may be able to win personal injury claims against the apartment complex company.

Falls Outside of Storefronts

Business owners are responsible for repairing and maintaining entranceways, parking lots, and sidewalks in front of their stores. However, things can become complicated when the property, such as a sidewalk, is shared between multiple businesses, or the sidewalk is city property.

Falls on Public Property 

Lawsuits against municipalities are often the most difficult to win, but if the city was negligent in its duty to maintain a safe walking surface for everyone, regardless of age and ability, the city must be held responsible. Examples of city property include streets, sidewalks, parks, and public buildings such as libraries, city administration buildings, and courthouses.

An Ocala Slip and Fall Attorney Can Help  

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