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I highly recommend!
“Gordon got the facts promptly, kept me informed along the way, and handled my case like a professional. Great experience, I highly recommend!”
– Eddie R.

Diligence and hard work
“My daughter was a passenger in a horrible rear-end collision. The driver at fault didn’t have a driver’s license or insurance. When we met with Gordon, he immediately put us at ease. He walked us through every phase of the settlement process with two different insurance companies. We were very pleased with Gordon’s knowledge and professionalism. Through his diligence and hard work he was able to recover much more than my insurance company initially offered. I highly recommend Gordon Glover to anyone with a personal injury claim.”
– Judy N.

He is a great lawyer and advocate.
“Very good experience working with Mr Gordon, he is very professional and timely, highly recommend him to others.”
– Robbie C.

Utmost Professionalism and care
“My experience with the Glover law firm was excellent. They handled my case with the utmost Professionalism and care.”
– Teri R.

Gordon was a great lawyer.
“Gordon was a great lawyer. He was easy to get ahold of and answered emails and phone calls the same or next business day. He was Always professional, helpful, and took care of all of the details. He explained everything so I could understand it, and helped me win my case. Highly recommend him!”
– Valerie T.

Mr. Glover is the type of person you want on your side
“Mr. Glover is the type of person you want on your side– he is both attentive to his work and his well-respected by fellow jurists. Gordon is a kind-hearted and hard working lawyer who will fight for his clients.”
– Ashley S.

I give Gordon my highest recommendation! He is a great lawyer and advocate.
“I had the pleasure of working with Gordon Glover and the rest of his team at Glover Law Firm. I had never been involved in a personal injury lawsuit and didn’t know what to expect. Gordon was always there to answer all of my questions (and trust me, I had a lot) and he helped me through the entire process. He stood up for me to the insurance company and fought hard to make a substantial recovery on my behalf. I give him my highest recommendation!”
– Jeannie D.

Thank You Glover Law Firm!
“Several years ago I was involved in a car accident. A texting driver hit me from behind and knocked my car off the road into a ditch. I severely injured my neck as a result of the impact. The insurance company sent a representative to my house to offer a minimal settlement. I called Glover Law Firm and hired Gordon Glover to represent me. Gordon fought hard for me and the insurance company ended up offering ten times more than the original amount!”
– Robert W.

I highly recommend Gordon!
“Gordon Glover represented me for an automobile accident I had a few years ago. Gordon was always available to answer my questions and he explained everything to me throughout the entire process. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and honest. Most importantly, he was able to successfully resolve my case. I cannot thank him enough and would recommend him to everyone!”
– Lori R.

Ever been involved in an automobile accident? I got hit by a Villager driving a golf cart and sustained both extensive damage to my car and personal injuries. Having not been involved in an automobile accident in many years, I had no idea what I would be up against with his insurance company.

From the first phone call I received, from his claim adjuster, I knew I was in trouble. The adjuster had only one outcome in mind; to ultimately get rid of me, my claim, and not pay me a dime! It was an absolute nightmare to deal with him. He had no regard or compassion for my personal injuries or suffering. It didn’t take long before I realized, that I alone was never going to be able to receive any assistance or a financial settlement from him.

At the time, I personally did not know any personal injury attorneys, outside of the one that always advertises on television. So, I called his office, only to quickly discover, that I wasn’t ever going to meet with or directly speak to – the attorney I saw on television. Instead, my claim would be funneled through a pool of over 100 attorneys who worked for him.

I also came to realize, that personal injury attorneys, only receive a small percentage of your final settlement, which caused me to quickly lose hope that ANY personal injury attorney would even want to accept my case because there simply wasn’t going to be a big enough payout for them.

So I prayed about it … and found Mr. Gordon J. Glover.

Unlike the television attorneys, Mr. Glover doesn’t appear on TV every day, nor does he have 100+ other attorneys who will end up handling your case. When you hire Mr. Glover to represent you – Mr. Glover EXCLUSIVELY represents you. And even though my personal injury claim was quite small, in comparison (I’m sure) to his many other cases, Mr. Glover always treated me with kindness and respect.

In closing, if you’ve been involved in an automobile accident and want someone who will truly care about you, regardless of the size of your settlement, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mr. Glover. He will definitely look out for your best interest and will stand up to the many challenges the opposing side will no doubt throw at him.

Thank you, Gordon!

You are my hero!

We won!

– Tina L.

Very Professional and Kind Demeanor

It was a pleasure working with Mr. Glover. He put me at ease immediately with his professional and kind demeanor. He answered all of my questions and concerns and kept me well-informed through every step of my case. I highly recommend Mr. Glover.

– Jameylee G.

Genuinely Kind and Caring

Everyone at Glover Law Firm is genuinely kind and caring. Attorney Glover sets himself apart by providing first-class client service for all personal injury-related matters such as car accidents, golf cart accidents, and other serious injury claims.

– Jody Resnick

Amazing and Helpful

Glover Law Firm was amazing with my case and answered all my questions…Thank You!

– Jay S.

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