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Construction Zone Accidents

When many people imagine construction accidents, they may think about construction workers falling from high buildings or getting crushed by big steel beams. Many people do not grasp the hazards that construction workers on roads and highways are forced to confront on a daily basis. Gravely deteriorated roads and highways present a big danger to all drivers. Roadway construction and repairs are critical to fix bad road conditions and upkeep them. Indeed, vehicles driving through construction zones often endanger the safety of construction workers.

Construction workers often post signs to warn oncoming drivers of pending construction undertakings on roads. Depending on the kind of construction taking place, certain areas may be prohibited and cars are required to drive slower. It is important for drivers to follow any posted signs in or around construction zones in order to ensure the safety of any roadside workers. Regardless of all the safety measures, such as the big orange safety cones, the bring vests worn by workers, and the large quantity of warning signs, every year lots of car accidents still occur in road construction zones. These accidents often cause severe injuries or even death to those involved.

Causes of Construction Zones Accidents 

An inappropriately placed warning sign, inadequate lighting environments, tumbled cones, loose rubbish or construction equipment blocking the road can make it challenging to drive through a construction zone unscathed.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a significant construction zone risks includes injuries suffered by construction workers while they are moving construction equipment and vehicles within the construction zone, and vehicles driving through construction zones that smash into other vehicles or into construction equipment. Additionally, the constrained sight in and around construction equipment contributes to collisions within the construction zones.

Also, oversight by drivers, when driving along construction zones, general poorly designed roads, unclear road signs, and hazardous behavior by both drivers and construction workers parts all considerably heighten the chances of getting into a crash while driving through a construction zone. A recent report by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), stated that in 2017 alone, there were 799 work zone deaths, which is up about 3% from the previous year.

Advice on Avoiding a Construction Zone Accident 

A few simple tips for avoiding an accident in a construction zone are as follows:

  1. Be mindful of all construction equipment close to the road;
  2. Do not drive while distracted, especially avoid using your cellphone;
  3. Do not cut in front of other vehicles in or around construction zones;
  4. Avoid tailgating and keep a space in-between the car in front of you;
  5. Watch out for any construction workers, especially ones working close to the road;
  6. Obey any of the construction works instructions;
  7. Do not speed in or around construction zones; and
  8. Follow all signs around construction zones.

Need an Experienced Construction Zone Accident Attorney?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a FDOT construction zone accident, we advise on hiring an experienced personal injury attorney to provide you with the best possible representation. Construction related accidents are usually quite complicated and are different from other types of personal injury cases.

Ocala construction site accident lawyer Gordon J. Glover, who has been recognized by Florida Super Lawyers, has built his reputation on making sure clients receive the highest possible compensation. Please contact us online or call today at (352) 484-0775, to further discuss your construction zone accident in more detail.




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