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Recent Herniated Disc Car Accident Settlements In Florida

Injuries resulting in herniated discs can cause a variety of painful symptoms including back pain, neck pain, numbness in extremities, weakness, muscle spasms, and more. Untreated, those symptoms can go on for years, sometimes becoming more and more painful until quality of life and ability to perform simple tasks are impacted.

If a car accident causes those herniated discs, there are a host of treatments that might be necessary – from rest and physical therapy all the way up to invasive back or neck surgery.

How Much is a Herniated Disc Car Accident Worth in Florida?

According to the car accident herniated disc settlement examples listed on this page, the typical Florida herniated disc car accident settlement is anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000+. Settlements depend greatly on the unique circumstances of each case, which is why there is no accurate average settlement amount for car accidents in Florida.

Very rarely does a car, moped, or motorcycle accident result in a single herniated disc. Most times, multiple herniated discs occur and require more involved treatment. For this reason, a multiple herniated disc car accident settlement may involve more money and treatment than a single herniated disc may.

List of Recent Herniated Disc Car Accident Settlements in Florida:

Motor Vehicle Accident Resulting in Herniated Disc Treatment

A recent herniated disc settlement in Ocala, Florida resulted in a $170,000 payout for the victim. The victim was injured in a motor vehicle accident and sustained back injuries, including herniated discs at L3-4 and L4-5. The victim was treated with injections and physical therapy, but the pain and discomfort persisted. The victim turned to Gordon Glover for help.

We investigated the case and determined that the at-fault driver was negligent. He filed a lawsuit on behalf of the victim and negotiated a $170,000 settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The settlement helped the victim pay for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Interstate Motor Vehicle Accident Resulting in Neck Surgery for Herniated Discs

A resident of Ocala, Florida recently received a $350,000 settlement for herniated discs they sustained in a motor vehicle accident on Interstate 75. The victim, who was represented by attorney Gordon Glover, suffered herniated discs at C4-5 and C5-6, which required neck surgery. The impact of the collision caused the victim’s head to snap back and forth, resulting in the herniated discs. After the surgery, the injured party filed a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who rear-ended them. The lawsuit alleged that the other driver was negligent in causing the accident. The case was settled out of court for $350,000.

Moped Driver Struck and Thrown Off – Resulting in T1, C4 & C5 Herniated Disc Injuries

A client in The Villages, Florida, recently received a $75,000 settlement for herniated discs at T1-2, C4-5, and C5-6, sustained when they were thrown from her moped after being struck by a motor vehicle. The client was represented by lawyer Gordon Glover.

Herniated discs are a common type of injury that can occur when someone is thrown from a motorcycle or moped. A herniated disc occurs when the inner gel-like material of the disc pushes through a tear in the outer ring of the disc. This can put pressure on the nerves that exit the spinal cord, causing pain, numbness, and weakness.

What Type of Car Accident May Cause a Herniated Disc in Florida?

Any type of car accident can cause a herniated disc injury, but the most common types are:

  • Rear-end collisions: The sudden and forceful impact of a rear-end collision can cause the head and neck to snap back and forth rapidly, which can damage the discs in the spine.
  • Side-impact collisions: The force of a side-impact collision can cause the spine to bend sideways, which can put stress on the discs and make them more likely to herniate.
  • Head-on collisions: The force of a head-on collision can cause the spine to compress, which can also damage the discs.

Herniated discs can also occur in car accidents that involve rollover, ejection from the vehicle, or other significant trauma. The severity of the car accident does not necessarily correlate with the risk of a herniated disc injury. Even minor car accidents can cause herniated discs, especially in people who have pre-existing back or neck problems.

Here are some factors that can increase the risk of a herniated disc injury in a car accident:

  • Age: As people age, their discs become more fragile and more likely to herniate.
  • Pre-existing back or neck problems: People with pre-existing back or neck problems, such as degenerative disc disease or spinal stenosis, are at increased risk of a herniated disc injury in a car accident.
  • Not wearing a seatbelt: Not wearing a seatbelt during a car accident can significantly increase the risk of spinal injuries, including herniated discs.
  • The type of vehicle: Some types of vehicles, such as SUVs and trucks, are more likely to roll over in a car accident, which can increase the risk of spinal injuries.

If you have been involved in a car accident, it is important to see a doctor right away, even if you do not have any immediate pain or symptoms. A herniated disc may not cause any symptoms for days or even weeks after the injury.

How Common Are Herniated Discs after Car, Motorcycle, or Moped Accidents?

According to a study published in the journal from the National Library of Medicine, herniated discs are the most common type of spinal injury sustained in motorcycle accidents, accounting for approximately 20% of all injuries. The study also found that herniated discs are more common in motorcycle accidents than in car accidents.

Another study, published in the journal Orthopaedic Reviews, found that herniated discs are also a common type of injury sustained in moped accidents. The study found that herniated discs account for approximately 15% of all injuries sustained in moped accidents.

The severity of a herniated disc injury can vary depending on the location and severity of the tear in the disc. Some people with herniated discs may experience only mild pain and discomfort, while others may experience severe pain and disability. In some cases, surgery may be necessary to repair the herniated disc.

What Should I Do To Help My Lawyer Get A Great Car Accident Herniated Disc Settlement For Me?

Here are some things you can do to help your lawyer get a great car accident herniated disc settlement for you:

  • Be honest and upfront with your lawyer about your injuries. The more information your lawyer has, the better they can represent you. Be sure to tell them about all of your symptoms, even if they seem minor.
  • Provide your lawyer with all of your medical records. This will help them to understand the severity of your injuries and the impact they have had on your life.
  • Keep a journal of your pain and suffering. This will help you to track your progress and provide your lawyer with valuable information about your recovery.
  • Follow your doctor’s orders. This is important for your health and also for your case. If you don’t follow your doctor’s orders, the insurance company may argue that you are not as injured as you claim to be.
  • Be prepared to negotiate. It is likely that the insurance company will offer you a settlement that is less than what you deserve. Be prepared to negotiate, and don’t be afraid to walk away from the table if you are not offered a fair settlement. Want to know what a fair settlement is worth? Refer to our guide on the average settlement for car accident in Florida.

Here are some additional tips that may help your lawyer get you a great settlement:

  • Be cooperative and responsive to your lawyer’s requests. This includes providing them with information and documentation promptly and being available for meetings and phone calls. They will help you get your accident records from the police – see our guide for getting your Sumter County police accident report.
  • Be patient. It can take time to negotiate a settlement, especially in complex cases. Trust your personal injury lawyer and give them time to do their job.
  • Be prepared to go to trial if necessary. If you cannot reach a settlement with the insurance company, your lawyer may recommend going to trial. This is a big decision, but it is important to be prepared for the possibility.

Can I Get A Pain and Suffering Settlement After A Herniated Disc Car Accident Injury in Florida?

Under Florida law, pain and suffering damages are intended to compensate you for the physical and emotional pain you have experienced as a result of your injuries. These damages can be awarded in addition to economic damages, such as medical expenses and lost wages. To be eligible for pain and suffering damages, you must first prove that the other driver was negligent. This means that you must show that the other driver failed to act as a reasonably prudent person would have acted in the same circumstances.

If you can prove negligence, you will then need to show that your injuries were caused by the other driver’s negligence. This can be a complex task, and you may need to hire an expert witness to testify on your behalf.

Finally, you will need to show that your injuries resulted in pain and suffering. This can be done by providing testimony from yourself, your family members, and your medical providers.

The amount of pain and suffering damages you are awarded will depend on the severity of your injuries and the impact they have had on your life. In general, more serious injuries will result in higher pain and suffering damages awards.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, it is important to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney can help you understand your legal rights and options and can fight to get you the compensation you deserve.