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Leesburg Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Florida is home to over 70,000 nursing home residents, making it the sixth-largest nursing home population in the country. In Leesburg alone, there are 35 different nursing homes available to take care of elderly loved ones.

Unfortunately, not everyone values your family members the same way you do. While most nursing homes take wonderful care of their residents, a staggering one in six elderly residents are the victims of some type of abuse or neglect each year.

Elder abuse in a nursing home can be hard to detect. If you ever do suspect any negligent or abusive conduct, though, it may be critical to the safety of your loved one that you contact a Leesburg nursing home abuse lawyer immediately. A qualified personal injury attorney could pursue a positive outcome for you.

Common Types of Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

Under Florida Administrative Code Chapter 59A-4, nursing homes are subject to certain minimum standards that help ensure residents are safe. Nonetheless, abuse of various types still happens and can lead to damaging effects.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse involves any type of physical harm, including pushing, shoving, and hitting, as well as more indirect actions such as force-feeding, overmedication, and excessive restraints. Physical abuse often leaves visible warning signs, such as bruises, cuts, and markings.

Sometimes, physical abuse may take the form of unwarranted chemical restraint, which involves overmedicating or improperly medicating a resident in order to make them easier to handle. Sexual abuse is another form of physical abuse that may occur in a nursing home, either from an employee or another resident.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse occurs when a nursing home staff member or administrative employee belittles a resident, withholds basic necessities, isolates the resident, or otherwise abuses them in a non-physical manner. This type of abuse often leads to depression, anxiety, and other physical medical issues. Signs of potential emotional abuse may include social withdrawal, excessive crying, mood swings, and paranoia.

Holding Abusive Nursing Homes Accountable

Under Florida Statutes §400.023, residents who are abused in their nursing home may file a civil claim of negligence against the facility’s administration to recover damages. Alternatively, the state also allows for third parties close to the resident to sue on the resident’s behalf.

In order to recover compensation, a nursing home resident must prove that their nursing home was negligent, which requires them to prove that the nursing home or a member of its staff breached their duty of care towards its residents and that this breach caused the abused resident to suffer damages. A Leesburg nursing home abuse lawyer could help an individual establish breach of duty in their nursing home abuse case.

If a nursing home abuse lawsuit is successful, the plaintiff—the injured resident—may be entitled to compensation for any damages suffered during their time at the nursing home. This may include economic losses such as medical expenses, as well as non-economic losses like pain and suffering and emotional distress.

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How a Leesburg Nursing Home Abuse Attorney May Be Able to Help

According to the Nursing Home Abuse Guide, seniors who are abused are at a 300 percent greater risk of dying within three years as opposed to those who are not abused. No one should ever have to suffer through abuse, especially not in a place that is supposed to look after the health and well-being of the elderly.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of nursing home abuse, legal assistance is available. Call a Leesburg nursing home abuse lawyer at Glover Law Firm today to schedule a consultation and start working to protect yourself or your loved one.