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Marion County Slip & Fall Lawyer

Marion County Slip & Fall Lawyer

Whenever we visit another person’s property, we must rely on them to keep it safe and free of hazards for us. Whether that person is a business owner or private citizen, they have a duty to protect people that visit their land.

However, landowners do not have a legal obligation to protect against all possible injuries that occur on their land. Florida laws examine both the visitor’s reasons for being on the land and steps taken by the property owner prior to the accident when assigning blame.

A skilled attorney represents the interests of people who suffered injuries in slip and fall accidents on another person’s property. A Marion County slip & fall lawyer analyzes every case to identify defendants and hold them responsible for their negligence.

When is a Land Owner Responsible for an Injury in Marion County?

There are two questions that a Marion County slip and fall lawyer may need to ask when determining whether or not a landowner is at fault. The first question concerns the actions taken by the landowner prior to the spill. Even if the landowner has a duty to protect the visitor due to their status, their actions that led to the fall must still constitute a breach of this duty.

The second main question concerns the visitor’s legal status. There are three categories under Florida law for visitors to land.


Invitees are people who enter onto land for a business purpose. A prime example is shoppers in a grocery store. Invitees have the highest level of protection. Landowners must protect these visitors against any hazard they know or should know about. This means that even if the property owner did not know about the hazard, such as a spill, the property owner can still be held liable since it is their duty to protect their visitors.


Licensees are invited onto an otherwise private property for social purposes. Guests at a house party are common examples of licensees. Landowners must only protect these visitors from recklessly exposing them to danger. There is no real duty to warn, except in cases where the danger is so great and so hidden that a normally alert visitor would not notice it.


Trespassers are people who enter onto any land without permission of the owner. This can be private property that is never open to the public, or even businesses after hours. Landowners here must only refrain from intentionally injuring the visitor.

Potential Injuries from a Slip and Fall

Despite the person only falling to the ground, injuries in a slip and fall accident can be severe. Common physical injuries include:

  • Deep cuts and scrapes
  • Broken bones
  • Dislocated joints
  • Torn tendons
  • Concussions

The extent of the injuries may not end with physical harms. People injured in these accidents can also make claims for lost wages due to missing time at work and mental anguish associated with the physical harm. Speak with a Marion County slip and fall lawyer for more information about how injuries could be used as a means to file a claim for compensation.

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Anytime a person visits another person’s property, that landowner has a legal responsibility to watch out for their wellbeing. When a landowner fails in this responsibility, they are legally liable to pay for any damage caused.

An attorney helps people injured in slip and falls file claims against negligent property owners to collect compensation for their injuries. Under Florida law, a claim must be filed within four years of the accident. Do not wait, contact a Marion County slip and fall lawyer at Glover Law firm today.

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