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Ocala Defective Products Lawyer

Ocala Defective Products Lawyer

ocala defective products lawyerOcala consumers rely heavily on purchased merchandise, medications, and other products on a daily basis. Consequently, they expect the products they purchase to be safe and reliable. However, even despite heavy governmental regulation, some products still turn out to be defective, and some drugs turn out to have harmful—or even deadly—side effects.

If you sustained injuries from a defective product, dangerous drugs, or your car catching fire, you may be entitled to monetary compensation under Florida’s established product liability laws. Given the strict filing deadlines for such cases, though, time may be of the essence. Therefore, it may be essential that you contact an Ocala defective products lawyer as soon as possible after sustaining your injuries.

Common Types of Defective Products

Any product on the market can theoretically be defective. Some of the most common types of defective products or merchandise include the following:

  • Household appliances and furnitre
  • Motor vehicles and vehicle parts
  • Workplace equipment
  • Infant cribs and car seats
  • Medications and skin care products
  • Heaters (including space heaters) and air conditioning units
  • Electric blankets

Common Injuries Sustained from Defective Products

Injuries brought about by defective products can be extremely serious, and in some cases catastrophic or deadly. This is particularly true in defective drug cases where drugs are later found to have dangerous side effects or harmful interactions with other medications.

When defective products malfunction, they can cause a myriad of personal injuries and damages.

Some of the more common types of injuries associated with defective products include burn injuries, cuts and bruises, soft tissue injuries, scarring, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), fractures and broken bones, and physical illnesses.

Basis for Recovering Monetary Compensation

Product defects consist of manufacturing defects, design defects, and warning defects (i.e. failure to warn cases). In Ocala defective products cases, an injured consumer may be able to recover monetary compensation for injuries and damages under one of two legal theories of recovery.


In a defective product case based on negligence, the defendant manufacturer or distributor owed the injured consumer a duty of care to manufacture or sell a reasonably safe product and breached that duty of care, proximately resulting in serious injuries and damages to the consumer.

Strict Liability

In strict liability defective product cases, a defectively manufactured or designed product—or a product which lacked adequate and proper warnings—was placed on the market and injured the consumer, without regard to any fault on the part of the product manufacturer or distributor

Statute of Limitations in Defective Products Cases

A products liability lawsuit may be brought under a theory of strict liability (i.e. without regard to fault) or under a negligence theory of recovery. In either case, the Florida statute of limitations for defective product cases is four years from the date of injury. Therefore, any claim or lawsuit arising out of a product defect must be filed within four years after the cause of action occurred.

If the injured consumer fails to make a claim or file a lawsuit within that time period, they may be forever barred from filing suit or seeking monetary compensation for that particular injury. A knowledgeable Ocala defective products lawyer could review the facts and circumstances of your case with you and ensure that all filing deadlines are met in a timely manner.

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