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Blind-Spot Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle crashes commonly result in catastrophic injuries and in the most severe cases even death for riders. Motorcycle accidents involving the blind spots of other vehicles are one of the most frequently occurring types. When bikers ride in other the blind spots of other vehicles, it can be difficult for the driver to notice the biker.

Unfortunately, too many motorcycle crashes happen from drivers forgetting to look in their blind spots.

Methods to Identify Blind Spots

Although most motorcycles do not have any blind spots, a majority of other vehicles have at least several blind spots. Tractor-trailers and other large trucks have numerous blind spots. A blind spot is an area where drivers are incapable of seeing other vehicles directly or in their mirrors. The type of vehicle, as well as its length and width, determines the number of blind spots a vehicle has. Moreover, when vehicles are reversing or turning the blind spots can alter.

When drivers first get into their vehicle, they should find all the blind spots. Drivers can tell the location of blind spots by looking into the mirrors and then looking over their shoulders. The areas that the driver cannot see in their mirrors are blind spots. A majority of blind spots are on the sides and backs of vehicles. 

Ways for Other Drivers to Avoid Blind Spot Accidents

Both bikers and drivers should take all necessary measures to prevent blind spot accidents. Bikers and drivers working together can greatly decrease the chances of blind spot accidents.

Car drivers should practice a lot of care to avoid blind spot accidents, which includes taking the following measures:

  1. Making certain that the rearview mirror is adjusted appropriately, so that the window in the rear is totally in its frame;
  2. Drivers should continuously be conscious and watchful of every other vehicle, especially motorcyclists; and
  3. Changing the side view mirrors in a way that has them directed in the path of the side blind spots;
  4. Progressively decelerating can help place bikers into a driver’s vision from his or her blind spot;
  5. Drivers should glance over their shoulders before changing lanes on the highway or merging with oncoming traffic;
  6.  Drivers should try defensive driving and regularly view the front and back of their cars;
  7.  It is essential for drivers to make use of their blinkers to let all other motorists know their plans to turn or change lanes;
  8. Convex mirrors, a specially designed mirror, should installed and used instead of the factory installed side-view mirrors to decrease blind spots.

 Need a Dedicated, Determined and Disciplined Personal Injury Attorney?

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car or motorcycle crash, we advise on hiring a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer to aggressively fight to obtain the compensation that you rate.

Motorcyclists involved in blind spot accidents may qualify for damages for their hospital and medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income and diminished earning capacity, through a personal injury lawsuit. The Glover Law firm is decided to securing compensation and seeking justice for injured bikers.

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