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Four Common Types of Intersection Collisions in Ocala

Intersections make up a small percentage of all roadway surfaces, yet 40 percent of all motor vehicle collisions occur at intersections, according to the Federal Highway Administration. Furthermore, 20 percent of fatal collisions occur at intersections. There are over four million property damage intersection collisions annually and 1.7 million intersection injury collisions per year.

How Intersection Crashes Occur

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cites “inadequate surveillance” as a contributing factor in 44 percent of intersection collisions, followed by “false assumption

of other’s action,” turning with an obstructed view, making an illegal maneuver, internal distraction, and misjudging a gap or another’s speed in eight to five percent of intersection crashes. Rarely do faulty stop lights or confusing traffic signage cause drivers to collide in intersections. Virtually all collisions that happen at intersections are caused by driver negligence in one or more of the following forms:

  • Excessive speed;
  • Looking down at a phone;
  • Speeding up to “beat” a yellow light;
  • Trying to “beat” another car or pedestrian with right of way;
  • Driving under the influence;
  • Aggressive or impatient driving;
  • Falling asleep at the wheel;
  • Drowsy driving;
  • Other types of distracted driving.

Why Type of Intersection Collision Caused Your Injuries?

  1. Other Driver Made an Illegal Right Turn—While approaching from a perpendicular street, the other driver cut you off while making a right turn in front of you. Or, the other driver made a right turn while you, as a pedestrian or cyclist, were in the crosswalk. Lastly, as a cyclist, you were riding on the side of the road or bike lane and the driver made a “right hook,” cutting you off when you had the right of way, which resulted in you being side-swept, going over the hood, or running into the back of their vehicle.
  2. Other Driver Made an Illegal Left Turn From Opposite Side of Street—The other driver did not have the right of way and pulled into your lane of traffic, cutting you off and causing a head on collision or a collision in which you T-bone the side of their vehicle.
  3. Other Driver Ran a Red Light or Stop Sign—Possibly the most common type of intersection collision, the driver simply blew through a red light or stop light. This is common with distracted cell phone drivers, drunk drivers, and speeding drivers.
  4. Other Driver Went Too Wide—Caused by distraction, intoxication, or improper maneuvering of a long tractor trailer, the driver made a right or left turn and clipped your vehicle while you were stopped at a stop light or stop sign.

Reach Out to an Ocala Personal Injury Attorney 

You have medical bills to pay, lost wages, and significant pain and suffering to manage—all of which were caused by another impatient or reckless individual. Whether you were a driver or passenger, or you were on foot, bike, or motorcycle, you need to work with an attorney in order to be compensated fairly for your injuries. To get started on a personal injury claim today, call the experienced Ocala personal injury attorneys with the Glover Law Firm at 352-484-0775 to schedule a free consultation.





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