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How to Get a Marion County Accident Report Online in Florida (Free for Injured Victims)

If you’ve been involved in an accident in Marion County, FL, you’ll likely need a copy of the police report for insurance, legal, or personal record-keeping purposes. Here’s information about getting a Marion County Sheriff Incident Report.

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    Who Can Obtain An Accident Report in Marion County, Florida?

    Florida law follows the Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA). This law limits who can obtain an accident report to protect driver privacy. Only authorized parties can access accident reports within 60 days of the incident. Authorized parties include those involved in the accident, legal representatives, insurers, media outlets, government agencies, and others with specific legal authority.

    After 60 days, anyone can obtain a copy of the report.

    Required Documents:

    How To Get a Marion County, FL Police Accident Report Online

    Marion County uses the Florida Crash Portal to collect and distribute accident reports for incidents that happen within the County Sheriff’s jurisdiction. To access your report, please follow these steps:

    • Visit the Florida Crash Portal at https://services.flhsmv.gov/CrashReportPurchasing/
    • Determine your eligibility to obtain the crash report by answering their survey. Per the information above, unless you’re directly involved in the accident, you must wait 60-days to obtain a copy.
    • Enter your driver’s license information and submit.
    • You’ll be asked for the accident date, the name(s) of the involved party, and the accident report number, if you have it.
    • The cost for getting a police accident report from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office online is $12. However, we’re offering to get this report for injured accident victims for free – see the simple form on this page.
    • You’ll be emailed the file for instant download.
    • Payment is accepted through credit/debit cards.
    • You have 48 hours to download your report once you’ve paid.

    How To Get a Marion County, FL Police Accident Report By Mail:

    To obtain a copy of the accident report by mail, you’ll have to invest the time to wait 4-6 weeks to receive your report back after sending in the request. Any victim or reporting person will receive requested documents upon availability of release at no charge if they provide valid photo identification. If you’re not a victim or reporting person, it’s likely you’ll have to wait 60 days to obtain a copy – be sure to review the rules prior to sending in your application. To obtain the Marion County accident report via mail, follow these steps:

    Submit a Traffic Crash Report Affidavit (notarized if the accident occurred within the last 60 days).

    Mail your request and payment (check or money order) to:

    Marion County Sheriff’s Office

    Attention: Records

    PO Box 1987Ocala, Florida, 34478

    If you must pay – you’ll need to include $.15 per page. Call the records office to get an idea of how many pages there are in your report. However, we can provide it to you for free if you were an injured accident victim (see the simple form on this page).

    Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return mailing. If you do not include the envelope, you will not get the report back.

    Processing time can be up to 4-6 weeks.

    How To Get a Marion County, FL Police Accident Report In Person:

    Obtaining the Marion County accident report in person is much like obtaining it via mail, but quicker. You’ll still need to complete the Traffic Crash Report Affidavit if the accident happened within the past 60 days, but you’ll present your signed & notarized affidavit along with your ID, the accident number, date, and location to the clerk at the records section. They will then look up your report and print it off for you. As with by mail, victims or reporting parties can obtain a copy for free, any others will have to pay. The rate starts at $.15 per page (we can provide it to you for free if you were an injured accident victim – see the simple form on this page). Follow these steps to obtain your Marion County Accident report in person:

    • Locate the date, location, and report number (if possible) of the accident.
    • Complete and notarize a Traffic Crash Report Affidavit if the accident happened within the past 60 days.
    • Visit the Records Section at 692 NW 30th Avenue, Ocala, FL 34475.
    • Remember the following:
      • There may be a wait time for reports of recent accidents.
      • Reports are usually available within 3 business days.

    If you have any questions about obtaining your accident report in Marion County – please feel free to reach out to the Florida Crash Portal support system or the records department of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

    • Marion County Sheriff’s Office Records Section: (352) 732-8181
    • Florida Crash Portal Support: (850) 617-3414 or (850) 617-3416

    At this time, it is not possible to obtain a copy of an accident or incident report in Marion County over the phone.

    If the Florida Highway Patrol responded to the scene, here’s how to get your Florida Highway Patrol traffic accident report.

    How Much Does It Cost to Get a Marion County Accident Report?

    The cost can vary depending upon the method you choose to obtain your accident report. If you choose the fastest delivery method, online, then the cost is $12 (however, we can provide it to injured accident victims for free – see the simple form on this page). If you are a victim or reporting party – you will be given a copy for free should you contact the Marion County Sheriff’s office via phone or in person. If you are not a victim or reporting party, the cost to obtain the report online is still $12 – but the cost to receive the report in person or via mail is $.15 per page.

    How Long Does It Take To Get the Marion County Accident Report?

    If you choose to obtain your Marion County Sheriff’s incident report online – it will be delivered immediately after payment. If you send in a request via mail – you may wait up to 4-6 weeks for the report to come back to you in a self-addressed stamped envelope. If you go to get your report in person, you’ll be given the copy right away, provided you’re eligible to receive it. In any method of obtaining your Marion County Sheriff’s Department accident report, you must be a victim or reporting party to receive a copy within 60 days of the incident date. All other parties must wait until 60-days after the accident.

    What Documentation Is Required to Get the Marion County Accident Report?

    In order to obtain your Marion County Accident report, you’ll need to complete a Traffic Crash Report Affidavit and have it notarized. Attach that original notarized report to your request and mail it into the records department, or bring it with you if you choose to obtain the copy of the report in person. You’ll also need to have the accident date, incident or report number, names of involved parties, and location where the accident occurred.

    What Does the Marion County, FL Accident Report Include?

    The specific information included in a Marion County Sheriff’s accident report can vary depending on the severity of the accident and the details involved. However, some common elements are usually included:

    • Basic Information:
      • Date and time of the accident
      • Location of the accident
      • Case number
      • Names and contact information of all parties involved (drivers, passengers, witnesses)
      • Description of the vehicles involved (make, model, license plate number)
      • Insurance information for all involved parties
    • Accident Description:
      • Weather conditions at the time of the accident
      • Road conditions
      • Narrative of the events leading up to the accident
      • Description of the damage to the vehicles
      • Whether any injuries were sustained
      • Witness statements, if available
    • Officer’s Findings:
      • Citations issued
      • Contributing factors to the accident
      • Diagrams or sketches of the accident scene
      • Recommendations for further investigation or action
    • Additional Information:
      • Medical reports, if applicable
      • Photographs of the accident scene
      • Evidence collected at the scene

    It is important to note that Marion County has multiple deputies and each report could vary slightly. The basic elements of a Sheriff’s Department accident report are included above, but they are not limited to just that information, nor do they all require every piece of information noted above.

    If your accident took place in Ocala, consult our guide on how to get an Ocala, FL police report. We also have step-by-step guides on how to get a Florida accident report online, Lady Lake police reports, and how to get a Sumter County police report online.

    If you’ve been in a car accident in Ocala or Marion County, Florida and need assistance obtaining information from the Sheriff’s Department, our team of lawyers is nearby and ready to take on your case. We will help with research, investigation and more – part of which will include obtaining these reports on your behalf. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re in need of assistance.

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