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Ocala Dog Bite Lawyer

Ocala Dog Bite Lawyer

Dangerous dogs on the loose can affect anyone nearby. Fortunately for victims, the dog bite laws in Florida are very much victim-centered and geared toward providing monetary compensation to innocent bite victims.

Dog bite claims and lawsuits must be filed within a certain timeframe, and time may be of the essence in your case. Therefore, you should not delay in seeking out an experienced lawyer to represent you.

If you or someone you love sustained injuries from a vicious dog bite, an Ocala dog bite lawyer could evaluate your case and may be able to help you recover monetary compensation and damages for your injuries, pain and suffering, aggravation, and inconvenience. Contact us for a free case evaluation.

Dog Bite Statutory Strict Liability

Under Section 767.04 of the Florida Dog Bite Statute, a dog owner may be deemed strictly liable for all injuries and damages that occur when a dog viciously attacks and bites an innocent victim. This is true even if the dog owner did nothing wrong – and even if the dog never bit anyone in the past or acted aggressively toward strangers beforehand.

If the dog bite victim provoked the dog or acted in a careless or negligent manner, then, under the law, the dog bite victim’s monetary recovery could be reduced according to the victim’s percentage of fault. If the dog bite victim was trespassing on the dog owner’s land, strict liability may not apply.

When Negligence is a Factor

In the alternative – or in addition to – statutory strict liability, a dog owner may also be deemed liable for acting in a careless, negligent, or reckless manner under the circumstances. In the dog bite context, a dog owner may be liable for doing something a reasonable dog owner would not have done, or failing to do something a reasonable dog owner would have done under the circumstances.

The dog bite victim must be able to show that the dog owner’s negligence directly caused the attack, along with the dog bite victim’s injuries and damages.

Leash laws are in place to keep members of the public safe. According to the legal doctrine of negligence per se, a dog owner may be presumed negligent for violating a standing law on the books that is geared toward protecting against dog bites and attacks.

For example, if a dog owner allows a dog to roam around a housing development without a leash, then the dog owner could be deemed per se negligent and held responsible for all the bite victim’s injuries and damages.

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Dog bite injuries can be catastrophic and permanent, and the dog owner may be held liable for those injuries. Common injuries sustained by dog bite victims include cuts and abrasions, scratch marks, lacerations, permanent scarring, bite marks, soft tissue injuries, fractures, and traumatic brain injuries.

Serious dog bite injuries can also result in high medical bills and lost wages, as well as the need for future corrective surgeries. An Ocala dog bite lawyer may be able to help you recover those damages by settling your case or litigating it through the court system.

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