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Ocala Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Florida law provides just as much protection to pedestrians as it does to all other people on the road. Unfortunately, some drivers remain ignorant of or choose to ignore the rules of the road as they apply to pedestrians.

In the event of an accident involving a vehicle hitting a pedestrian, potential plaintiffs need to be made aware of the law and what requirements must be met to file a successful claim. An Ocala pedestrian accident lawyer can analyze your claim and work with you to obtain the benefits that you deserve.

Florida Pedestrian Laws

All people who get behind the wheel assume a responsibility to protect anyone else that they may encounter while on the road. This obligation extends not only to other drivers, but also passengers, bike riders, and pedestrians. In legal terms, this is known as duty of care.

At the core of any pedestrian accident is whether the driver breached their duty of care towards the pedestrian. This can be a complex analysis and may involve a number of different factors.

In general, all drivers are supposed to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. However, pedestrians also have a responsibility to cross at appropriate times. If a pedestrian enters the road in front of a driver’s green light, there may be a valid question of who truly caused the accident.

Adverse weather conditions or darkness can also limit the driver’s ability to properly see and avoid a pedestrian. The same principle applies to certain speeds at which a driver may have been traveling.

In sum, a collision between a car and a pedestrian is often the driver’s fault, but the pedestrian’s behavior can still play a major role in determining blame and should be addressed with the help of an Ocala pedestrian accident attorney.

Potential Consequences of an Accident

Pedestrians tend to be very vulnerable in car accident scenarios. They are generally offered little to no protection that might prevent or mitigate a motor vehicle impact, and even a low-speed collision can be enough to knock them to the ground.

This can and often does result in severe injuries, ranging from deep cuts and harsh bruises to more debilitating damage like broken bones, concussions, separated joints, and spinal damage. These injuries and many others may necessitate trips to an emergency room, extensive medical treatment, and grueling rehabilitation sessions—and the potential consequences do not end there.

Victims of a pedestrian accident may also be forced to miss significant time at work. They may suffer quality of life issues. Some of their injuries may even have permanent effects. In any of these situations, the plaintiff can demand compensation for not just their immediate medical needs, but also for the accident’s future impact on their life.

Contact an Ocala Pedestrian Accident Attorney to See How We Can Help

Pedestrian accident cases can be deceptively complex. People may assume that because they were in a crosswalk, or were crossing with the light, that the other driver is solely responsible for the accident. In truth, the legal analysis of a pedestrian accident case is often more complicated.

Our Ocala pedestrian accident lawyers can investigate every client’s case to determine the truth behind the collision. Armed with this knowledge, we can then speak to the defendant’s insurance company and submit demand packages on our clients’ behalf.

Don’t delay; contact an Ocala pedestrian accident lawyer at Glover Law Firm today.

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