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Many parents who own trampolines set them up for their kids and promptly forget about them. This comes with serious dangers, as trampolines need to be routinely inspected for signs of dangerous wear and tear. They should be placed on even ground away from objects and structures that could worsen a fall. Trampolines should also be equipped with safety nets, which can reduce fall injuries by 50 percent, according to CBS News. However, these nets need to be replaced frequently, or they serve no purpose at all. Younger children should be supervised when using a trampoline, and certain aerial maneuvers should be avoided altogether. Even when all rules are being followed, trampolines can still cause injuries if they break or fall apart suddenly due to a defect. There is a reason why there are 98,000 trips to the emergency room for trampoline injuries each year—they can be as dangerous as they are fun.

Private Home Premises Liability

If your child was injured at the home of his or her friend in a trampoline injury, the last thing you want to do is sue the homeowner and potentially ruin a friendship. However, if it comes to going bankrupt having to pay your child’s medical bills, or staying friendly with the parents of one of your child’s friends, the choice becomes pretty clear. Moreover, the other party’s homeowner insurance will likely cover the expenses of the personal injury claim, meaning that you will not be taking directly from the other party’s bank account anyways.

Trampoline Business Premises Liability

Trampoline parks have grown in popularity in recent years. These parks offer some serious fun-packed exercise, but it comes with a risk. Taking a bad fall on the head or neck, being jumped on by another user, falling off a trampoline or colliding with a wall or fixed object, rolling an ankle or jumping wrong on a bad knee, or simply throwing out one’s back are all common accidental injuries at trampoline parks and gymnastic centers. A three-year-old was put in a body cast after fracturing his femur at a Florida trampoline park due to the shear strain of jumping up and down on a trampoline, according to WPTV.com. While trampoline park businesses all have waivers releasing them from liability, that does not mean that they cannot be sued if they acted negligently. An attorney can help you learn more about your options for compensation.

Defective Product Liability

Whether you own the trampoline that caused the injury or it was owned by another party, you may be able to file a defective product claim against the manufacturer if the injury was caused by a defect. This can be difficult to prove, particularly if the trampoline is an older model and potentially damaged by the elements, but it is by no means implausible if you retain experienced legal counsel.

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