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Preventing Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

Riding motorcycles in Florida can be a very fun activity. The state is one of the highest ranked for motorcyclists. From riding along the gator infested swamps in the Everglades to the bright city lights in Miami, there are so many beautiful sites to see.

The warm weather makes for perfect riding condition all year long. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are the most accident-prone motorists in the U.S. While motorcyclists only make up roughly 3% of registered vehicles, they are involved in 11% of all crashes.

To make matters worse, motorcyclists are twenty-eight times more likely to die in a crash. In 2017 alone, there were 5,172 motorcycle riding related deaths. Other vehicles are typically equipped with numerous safety features to protect everyone in the vehicle. Unfortunately, motorcycles have very few safety features to rely on. Motorcyclists must depend on their helmets, boots, gloves and safety jackets.

Valuable Motorcycle Riding Safety Advice 

It does not matter if you are completely new to riding or you have been riding for many years. All motorcyclists should follow proper safety etiquette every single motorcycle ride. Whether you are going a block away or taking a long road trip, every ride has risks. Even though some things may not be in your full control, like other drivers, taking proper precautions can still save your life. Below is a list of riding advice for staying as safe as possible. 

Wear a helmet: All motorcyclists should always wear a fitted helmet, which is approved by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, Section 571.218. It is wise to buy a top-rated safety helmet. Full-face helmets provides the highest protection levels. Investigations have found roughly 40% of crash impacts occur to the face. Make  sure that the helmet fits tight enough so that you cannot move it around. Also, do not wear a novelty helmet, because these types of helmets provide little protection. For more advice you should talk to someone at your local motorcycle shop. 

Always wear protective safety equipment: A secure jacket, robust protective pants, durable gloves and durable boots are all necessary.

Dress in bright colors: Bright clothing helps other vehicles notice motorcyclists better, especially in the night time.

Ride a safe distance away from other vehicles: It is important that riders give themselves enough time to react to situations that could arise.

Try and avoid riding in the rain: The most dangerous time to go for a ride is when it’s raining. Motorcyclists often lose control of their bikes on the slippery roads.

Never drink and ride: Drinking alcohol and riding is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Alcohol impairs a rider’s balance, coordination and reaction time.

Need an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney?

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, we advise on hiring an experienced personal injury attorney to zealously fight to obtain the compensation that you rate.

The Glover Law Firm is committed to securing compensation and seeking justice for injured motorcycle riders.

Ocala personal injury lawyer Gordon J. Glover has achieved significant recoveries for clients injured or killed in motorcycle accidents. Please contact us online or call today at our Ocala office 352-484-0775 or The Villages 352-205-4495 office, if you or a loved one has suffered a severe injury in a motorcycle crash.




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