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New Ocala Golf Cart Ordinance


Just recently, the city of Ocala made it legal for golf carts to drive through much of southeast Ocala, including the majority of the historic district, according to the Ocala Star Banner. The new ordinance is seen as a win for those who prefer to drive a golf cart, instead of a car, for short distances to get access to parks, restaurants, shops, and the square. While golf carts are not permitted to drive or park downtown, this law allows them to park close enough for a short walk the rest of the way.

New Golf Cart Boundaries

  • East Silver Springs Boulevard to the north;
  • Southeast 17th Street to the south;
  • Watula Avenue to the west; and
  • Southeast 25th Avenue to the east.

Golf carts are still not legal to use or park on sidewalks, and must always yield to pedestrians. Furthermore, they must be parked in designated areas only.

Registration With the City of Ocala

In order to pay for the extra burden put on law enforcement for determining ownership during theft or an accident, all golf cart owners who wish to drive on designated roads within the city must pay a one time registration cost of $30.

Driver’s License Requirements

In addition to registering one’s golf cart with the city, the driver must also carry a driver’s license or learning permit, just as they would with driving a motor vehicle. Minors without a permit or license are not permitted to operate golf carts on city streets.

Ocala Definition of a Golf Cart

As per Ocala’s city ordinance, a golf cart is defined as a vehicle with a top speed of 20 miles per hour or slower. And, as per state laws, golf carts are only permitted to travel on roads from sunrise to sunset unless they are equipped with headlights, brake lights, and a windshield.

Golf Cart Collisions

According to research, 15.2 percent of golf cart injuries occur on streets or public property. While most golf cart injuries occur on sports facilities, the most serious injuries happen when a golf cart is struck by a car or truck.

  • Injuries to Golf Cart Users—If you were struck by a vehicle while riding in or driving a golf cart, you have the right to pursue compensation from the at-fault driver, just as you would if you had been in a car or were walking across the road. Because golf carts offer almost no protection from cars and trucks, occupants can sustain serious injuries even in relatively low speed collisions.
  • Injuries to Pedestrians or Cyclists—As a pedestrian or cyclist, you can sue the golf cart driver if they caused an injury to you. Whether the golf cart operator was drunk, distracted, driving on the wrong side of the road, driving too fast, failed to yield right of way, or violated any other traffic law, an attorney can help you hold them accountable for the damages they caused you.

Reach Out to an Ocala Golf Cart Accident Lawyer Today

If you were injured in a golf cart accident, an experienced Ocala personal injury attorney can help you receive compensation. Contact the Glover Law Firm today at 352-484-0775 to schedule a free consultation.


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