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Have You Been Injured in a Golf Cart Accident in Florida?

Ocala Golf Cart Accident Lawyer Near Me in FloridaHave you been injured in a golf cart accident due to another person’s negligence? You need to call Ocala golf cart accident lawyer Gordon Glover. Our accident attorneys work with clients to pursue both the operators of the carts and the clubs that own them for maximum compensation.

Golf provides a wonderful chance for exercise that challenges you every step of the way. Especially in Florida, with its many skillfully designed and beautiful courses, golf is a way of life. Many people rely on golf carts for transportation around the course when playing a round, or even getting around their local area since golf cart laws in Florida permit them in certain areas with conditions. Given their slight build and awkward center of gravity, however, golf carts can potentially be a hazard on the course and can cause severe injuries for occupants, other players, and even pedestrians.

If you have sustained injuries from an Ocala golf cart accident, please contact our experienced Ocala golf cart accident attorney today for a FREE consultation. We also have a second office to help with golf cart accident claims in The Villages. Learn more about The Villages golf cart requirements.

Ocala Florida Golf Cart Accident Lawyer Near MeHolding the Golf Cart Driver Responsible

Anyone operating a golf cart assumes a responsibility under the law that they will look out for the well-being of other cart drivers, as well as all other people walking or playing nearby. In this sense, a golf cart accident is similar to any other car accident. If the driver of the cart operates their cart in an unsafe manner, they can be held legally liable for any damages they cause.

One common way that golf carts are irresponsibly used involves driving while consuming alcohol. The consumption of even a small amount of alcohol can impair a person’s ability to safely operate any vehicle. On golf courses and in country clubs, where alcohol is liberally dispensed, it can be easy to over-consume. If the driver of a cart is found to have been impaired at the time of an accident, it can be argued in civil court by an Ocala golf cart accident attorney that they were negligent and caused the accident.

Ocala, FL Golf Cart Accident Lawyer Near MeOther Possible Defendants in Golf Cart Accident Lawsuits

Just as the drivers of golf carts are responsible for their own actions, the clubs themselves may also be responsible for acts that occur on their property. Accordingly, the club may also be held responsible for damages caused by negligent behavior on the part of their members.

All places that cater to customers in a business setting have a duty to protect their patrons against reasonable and foreseeable harm. Especially in situations where a business serves alcohol, they need to be aware of the increased liability that may result.

An investigation into a golf cart incident may reveal that the drunk driver was over-served while on the course or at the club. In these cases, it may be argued that the club was legally negligent in their responsibility to care for the well-being of the injured golfer.

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Recent Golf Car Accident Settlements in Ocala Florida

$225,000 settlement for Ocala golf cart accident

Our Ocala client was thrown off the back of a golf cart, landing on their back and suffering significant back and hip injuries. Their road to recovery included back surgery and epidural injections. We secured a significant settlement they deserved to help with their recovery.

$125,000 golf cart accident settlement for wrist injury

While driving their golf cart in Ocala, our client was struck by a motor vehicle. Their fractured wrist required surgery and carpal tunnel release. Our tireless efforts secured them a payout to help with medical expenses and recovery.

Let Ocala Golf Cart Accident Lawyer Gordon Glover Handle Your Case

Even at low speeds, collisions between golf carts and other carts or people can cause severe injuries. It is not uncommon for these accidents to result in broken bones, dislocated joints, or concussions that have a significant impact on a person’s life.

Ocala golf cart injury attorneys are sensitive to these impacts, and can help clients obtain compensation to cover their expenses. These expenses can cover not just medical bills and ambulance costs, but also reimbursement for lost time at work and any mental anguish experienced by an accident victim.

Legally, any claim alleging negligence must begin within four years of the incident, so time may be a factor in your case. Contact an Ocala golf cart accident lawyer today to get started on your path to financial recovery.