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Unique Problems for Victims After a Pedestrian Accident


Everyone probably knows that car accidents are a common occurrence in America. But there is something uniquely terrifying about a pedestrian accident. Some towns have a bigger problem than others. The Villages, Florida is one of those towns where pedestrian and similar accidents are on the rise, and the damage caused can be catastrophic and fatal. Here are a few of the common problems that can arise in a pedestrian crash and how our The Villages personal injury lawyers handle them.

Liability Disputes 

The question of who is responsible for an auto pedestrian collision is often very challenging. For one, pedestrians tend to have severe injuries that require immediate evacuation from the scene and transport to the emergency room. This means that when police arrive and begin to investigate, there is only the driver to question. The police often get one side of the story, and if it makes sense, it becomes the official report of the crash. Then, an insurance company can use this information to deny liability. The driver will not mention things like:

  • Being on the phone
  • Texting
  • Failing to stop at a crosswalk

Instead, he or she will usually claim that the pedestrian jumped out in front of them. Absent reliable witnesses, this can leave the police with a difficult time reaching a conclusion.

Insurance Coverage 

In many parts of The Villages, individuals don’t just walk or drive to get where they are going. Many people choose to use golf carts and other electric scooters non-street legal vehicles. These vehicles are frequently seen throughout communities, operating on pathways and roads. While legal in many parts of The Villages, drivers should use caution. Consider what happens if an uninsured motorist strikes a pedestrian or someone on an electric scooter or golf cart.

In a vehicle, a person’s own uninsured motorist coverage (if they carry it) will cover their injuries. However, there is a wide range of exclusions that can apply. Most insurance carriers will extend coverage, but there are indeed some policies that do not cover pedestrians, people on bicycles, or golf carts, unless these are expressly included in the policy.

Severe Injuries 

With a median age of 70.9, the majority of residents in The Villages are seniors. With this fact comes the reality that even otherwise seemingly minor impacts can become life-threatening. A fall that would leave bruises to a younger person could potentially lead to a fractured hip, which in turn can spell disaster for an older adult.

Medicare Liens 

For most accident victims, there will be medical bills and healthcare liens. But for seniors, Medicare will often pick up the tab for early emergency care. This, however, also means that Medicare will later expect to be paid back. This is known as a secondary payor lien. If you work with a personal injury lawyer, that attorney should have a thorough understanding of how to handle Medicare liens. If improperly managed, it can lead to lengthy delays and problems resolving your case and can lead to drastically less money in your pocket at the end of your case.

For help with auto accidents, pedestrian crashes and other injuries in The Villages, contact the Glover Law Firm today for a free initial consultation.


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