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Accidents Involving Teen Drivers

A majority of drivers end up in at least one accident throughout the course of their lives. Newly licensed drivers, especially those in their teenage years, are more prone to accidents. Teens just lack comprehensive experience driving and are more likely to make mistakes. Car accidents are the number one cause of death, as well as one of the main causes of injuries, for teenage drivers across the United States and the State of Florida.

Typical Mistakes that Teens Make Behind the Wheel

  • Not wearing their seat belts: According to the NHTSA, seat belt use is the lowest among teen drivers. In 2016, drivers and passengers were not wearing seat belts in approximately 58% of fatal teen crashes.
  • Speeding: In 2016, speeding was an element in 32% of fatal accidents with a teen driver. High speeds can make the chances of getting into an accident greater and make the crash much more severe. Most new teen drivers do not have the experience or driving ability to make fast reactions at high speeds.
  • Underage drinking and driving: Every teen driver must have a 0 percent blood alcohol level while driving. In 2016, about 20% of teen drivers involved in deadly accidents were drinking. Underage drinking is very widespread and can have catastrophic consequences when mixed with driving.
  • Distracted driving: Amateur teen drivers are much more likely to get distracted while driving. About 33% of teens admit that they have texted while driving, which increases the risk of getting into an accident about 23 times. Teen drivers need to understand that every second of reaction time counts, and being distracted for even a few seconds could have deadly consequences.
  • Peer pressure: Numerous studies have demonstrated that teens tend to take part in more risky activities when driving with other teen passengers. Peer pressure increases even more when driving with multiple teen passengers.
  • Taking unnecessary risks: Young drivers, particularly males, are far more likely to participate in risky activities while driving, including hood surfing, skitching, ghost riding, various social media challenges, drag racing or driving stunts. Parents often have no clue that their child would partake in such activities.

Stuff Parents can do to Ensure their Child Drivers Safer

It is important to make sure that your child gets as much experience driving as possible. Whether you help your teen practice driving or make them attend additional driving classes. The more time your teen spends learning from experienced drivers, the more likely they will comprehend the dangers of driving.

Have your teen driver fully earn your trust before they are allowed more driving privileges. Inexperienced drivers should not be driving alone at night, driving multiple teen passengers around, or going on road trips.

Additionally, be strict and do not be afraid to discipline your teen in the event he or she gets into trouble for speeding or is caught driving risky. Taking away your teen’s driving privileges help him or her quickly learn the penalties for their risky behaviors.

Make certain that the car your teen is driving is safe. Often times teens take over an older family car or end up buying a cheaper car. Get the car properly inspected, by a certified auto mechanic, to verify its road-worthiness. Additionally, make sure the car is routinely maintained and stays safe.

It is crucial that you talk to your child frequently about driving safety. If needed there are phone apps that incapacitate cell phones while a car is moving. Do not forget that your teen needs a good role model, so always drive like you would want them to drive.

Lastly, do not assume that your child will never drink and drive. It is much more common than parents would like to admit. Always make sure that your teen can call you for a ride home, if they have been drinking, without fearing any consequences. 

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