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There are two major roadways that run through Ocala. The first major roadway is Interstate 75. In addition to Interstate 75, there is Highway 441/301 that runs through the center of town. Many accidents take place on both I-75 and Highway 441 in or near Ocala, especially in areas that are not populated. These areas are likely to have high fog in the early morning and early evening hours.

Most vehicles traveling on Interstate 75 and Highway 441 are traveling anywhere between 70 and 80 miles an hour. These heightened speeds could lead to horrific accidents and extensive injuries for the parties involved. If you or a loved one has sustained massive injuries due to an auto wreck, speak with a well-versed attorney today. An Ocala major road accident lawyer will fight tirelessly to see you get the compensation you deserve.

Highway Accidents vs Roadway Accidents

When an accident takes place on I-75 or Highway 441, it is likely that it was a high-impact collision. There are also many tractor trailers that travel on both highways. If an individual is involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer, it is likely to be a significant accident with severe injuries.

Roadways accidents also invite the same types of accidents. However, most accidents usually occur from failing to stop in time, resulting in a fender bender. Speed is usually not the main thing a driver needs to worry about on the roadway, it is the turns and sudden stops which usually causes accidents.

Comparative Negligence

In most cases, the jury will look at the plaintiff’s actions before and during the accident. Does the plaintiff take any evasive action to avoid the accident? Was there anything the plaintiff could have done to prevent the accident? In cases where it is a rear-end collision, there is a presumption of negligence against the defendant in Florida. That means that the defendant is held to be 100% at fault. In those types of cases, no comparative negligence would apply to the plaintiff.

First Steps to Take

The most important thing to do is to notify authorities and then seek medical treatment if one is involved in an accident on a major highway or interstate. A person should always accept medical treatment following an accident in order to make sure that they have sustained no injuries. Some injuries could worsen over time without immediate medical assistance. Lastly, a person should contact an Ocala major road accident lawyer. An attorney may be able to walk you through insurance claims and any other legal action following a wreck.

Common Fact Patterns

Most accidents that take place on an interstate or highway in or near Ocala are the result of bad weather or drivers that may not be paying attention because they are distracted by their telephone or other technology. They can also be sleep-deprived and lose control of their vehicle. A person can easily take safety precautions to avoid falling victim to bad weather conditions by driving slower than usual. A person can also put away all electronic devices which could distract drivers. A driver can avoid sleep deprivation by getting enough rest the day before.

If a person takes preemptive steps and still gets in an accident, it is more likely that an Ocala major road accident lawyer can prove that the liability falls on the opposing driver. An attorney can state that the victim did everything they could to avoid being in an accident but still managed to be in an auto wreck due to the fault of another driver.

Factors to be Considered

The factors considered are the actions taken by the plaintiff and defendant before the accident and during the accident. The jury looks at factors such as whether the defendant was speeding, whether the defendant’s vehicle was operating correctly, whether there were any defects to the vehicle that the defendant was aware of, whether the defendant applied the brakes before impact, whether the defendant ran a red light or stop sign, and whether the plaintiff did anything to cause the accident.

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