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The Villages Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

The Villages Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

A work-related accident that results in injury can be difficult to adjust to under the best circumstances. However, if the insurance company denies a workers’ compensation claim, it can have a larger impact on the individual’s recovery and mental health.

Workers’ compensation benefits provide an injured worker with a portion of their income while they recover to ensure they receive necessary medical treatment for injuries sustained at work.

If you are suffering from a work-related injury, a Villages workers’ compensation lawyer may be able to offer you guidance through the arduous process of getting the compensation you need while unable to work.

Requirements in The Villages for Workers’ Compensation

In The Villages, employers that employ four or more employees must maintain workers’ compensation benefits, regardless of whether the employees are part-time or full-time. The only exception is in the construction industry, where every employer must maintain workers’ compensation coverage regardless of how many people they employ, even if they only have one employee.

To report a work-related injury as a worker’s compensation claim, an employee should file a claim as soon as possible. More specifically, they must file within 30 days of the accident date. Failing to do so will prohibit the employee from filing the injury as a workers’ compensation claim. Employers must have workers’ comp insurance information posted in a visible place, making it easy for the employee to report the injury to the insurance company.

Following a work-related injury, workers’ compensation must provide necessary medical treatment such as hospitalization, medical care with a specialist, and physical therapy. The nature of the injury determines the financial payments the employee receives. For example, an employee who is totally disabled after an injury would receive a different amount from workers’ comp than an employee who is partially disabled and able to return to work on restricted duty.

When a work-related injury results in an employee’s death within one year of the accident or five years after the employee is totally disabled, their family can receive death benefits. Death benefits can include a financial award to the employee’s dependents, education benefits to their spouse, and funeral expenses, for a maximum total of $150,000.

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How a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in The Villages Can Be an Ally

Whether an employee slipped and fell, got caught in an equipment malfunction, or was struck by a falling object, workers’ compensation benefits can be an essential part of their recovery.

After a work-related injury, employees may find the insurance company dismisses the injury as preexisting, attempts to minimize the injury, or pushes the employee to return to work before they are physically able. When that happens, it is common for employees to feel helpless and force themselves to do what their body cannot.

An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in The Villages could advise you when you are unsure what do. Furthermore, they could ensure you get a second medical opinion if necessary. If you suffered an injury at work in The Villages, contact a workers’ comp attorney at Glover Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.