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Florida Child Injury Lawyer

Florida Child Injury Lawyer

florida child injury attorney near youDealing with the serious injury or death of a child is one of the most devastating tragedies a family can endure. When a child injury is involved, a parent or legal guardian will need to seek a claim or lawsuit on a child’s behalf. Child injury claims are complex and often complicated by medical issues associated with growth and development, and by the legal issues involved with bringing a claim for damages on behalf of a minor child.

Typical causes for contact with a Florida child injury lawyer include watercraft incidents, dog bites, and animal attacks, ATVs and other off-road vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, swimming pools incidents, burn injuries, school bus stop accidents, defective products, falling objects, car wrecks, bicycle collisions, pedestrian incidents, medical malpractice, and sexual abuse. To learn more or schedule a consultation to discuss your claim consult with an accident attorney in Ocala today.

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Common Causes of Child Injuries in Florida

It may come as no surprise to learn that the leading cause of death among children under 18 years old is motor vehicle accidents, which include pedestrian and bicycle accidents as categorized by the CDC. However, aside from auto collisions, the figures vary when it comes to the top factors that lead to child injuries. For instance:

  • At around 2.8 million children per year, falls are the most common cause of nonfatal, unintentional injuries. Those under 12 months old make up the highest at-risk age group, accounting for more than half of fall injuries.
  • Among individuals up to nine years old, dog bites and being struck by an object were the top two causes of child injuries.
  • Being struck by an object was also a factor for victims 10-14 years old, with the second leading cause of injury being overexertion – often due to participation in sports.
  • Other causes of injury to children include suffocation, burns, drowning, poisoning, defective consumer products, and slips, trips, and falls on property.

Daycare Negligence and Child Injuries

One of the most common places where a child injury can occur is at a daycare or childcare facility (which are supposed to be safe environments for children). Injuries can occur as a result of lack of supervision, defective playground equipment, or abuse by a daycare worker. All too often, an accident and child injury will occur while a child should have been under the watchful eyes of their instructor (such as during free play, on the playground, and before meals). So, as a daycare negligence lawyer can tell you, adult supervision is necessary at all times in order to prevent child injuries.

A 1997 study conducted by the CPSC (Consumer and Product Safety Commission) revealed that 13 million children were placed in daycare facilities. During that same year, it was estimated that 31,000 children visited the emergency room due to injuries occurring in daycare and childcare settings. Between 1990 to 1997, at least 56 children died in daycare and childcare settings (almost 28 of those children died from asphyxia).

As most preschool-aged children are now spending large amounts of time in daycare child care settings, there is an increasing need for a safe and stimulating environment. Below are some questions parents should ask when considering a daycare or childcare facility:

  • What is the caregiver to child ratio?
  • Is the facility licensed? If so, by whom?
  • How long has the facility been in operation?
  • Have the primary caregiver and other staff undergone CPR training?
  • Has there been a serious child injury or death within the facility?
  • Can you observe the caregiver/s in action?
  • How will the provider discipline your child?
  • How will you be informed about your child’s misconduct and the disciplinary measures taken?
  • If your child is hurt in the daycare how will the child be treated and how will you be informed.
  • If the children are taken out on outings what are the measures to keep them safe? How will you be contacted in case of an emergency?

Claims for Child Injuries in Florida

At the outset, a child injury or daycare injury case proceeds just like many other personal injury matters. You can seek compensation from the party whose negligence led to the accident in which your child was injured – like if it was due to daycare negligence your child was injured. However, children under 18 years old don’t have legal capacity. Instead, the duty to pursue compensation falls to parents, who may:

  • File and settle an insurance claim up to $15,000; or,
  • Request appointment as the child’s guardian for claims in excess of $15,000 – or which require filing a lawsuit in court.

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Consulting a Florida Child Accident Lawyer

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